Pre-Conference Webinars

Free On Demand Webinar | Managing the Brand: Opportunities in Engineering Education

Brand is paramount for any university. As continuing engineering education (CEE) organizations extend university faculty and content, they must ensure that each program offering is consistent with customers' brand perception or it will not be successful. So how do you develop programs that meet the needs of life-long learners in engineering, are consistent with your university's brand, AND contribute to its strength?

Join Paul Marca, executive director of the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD), as he shares how Stanford has successfully met this challenge-creating many educational programs consistent with Stanford's brand-and highly valued by engineers seeking to advance their careers. He will outline the process Stanford uses for ensuring brand consistency, discuss lessons learned when there has been a disconnect, and also share how Stanford's School of Engineering has rebranded internationally.

This webinar series is brought to you by IACEE in lead up to the bi-annual IACEE World Conference on Continuing Education "IACEE 2016" in Porto, Portugal.


  • Paul Marca, Executive Director,
    Stanford Center for Professional Development, Stanford University